Funct. Mater. 2023; 30 (2): 309-312.


Comparison of sorption properties of adsorbents with expandable and thermally expanded graphite and bentonite with respect to sodium and cadmium (II) ions

Solmaz Aliyeva

Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, Scientific-Research Institute &qout;Geotechnological Problems of Oil, Gas, and Chemistry&qout;, 227 D.Aliyeva, AZ1010 Baku, Azerbaijan


The presented research work is devoted to the comparison of the ability of expandable graphite, graphite expanded at 300°C temperature and bentonite clay of Azerbaijani origin to adsorb Na+ ions from NaCl solutions of a known concentration. From the conducted studies, it was found that expanded graphite at 300°C temperature can better adsorb Na+ ions. In addition, the sorption properties of the same adsorbents with respect to Cd2+ ions were confirmed and it was established that bentonite and expandable graphite adsorb Cd2+ ions better.

expandable graphite, bentonite, clay, sorption, cadmium ions.

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