Study of subsurface Si layers with a latent SiO2 layer

V.V.Artamonov, M.Ya.Valakh, N.I.Klyui, V.P.Melnik, B.N.Romanyuk, V.G.Popov, V.A.Yukhimchuk

Institute for Semiconductor Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 45 Nauki Ave., 252650 Kyiv, Ukraine

Received December 2, 1997

Effect of carbon additive atoms on the SiO2 phase nucleation and growth at a low-dose (1-2)*10 17cm-2 implantation of O+ ions into Si has been investigated. The distribution profile of oxygen atoms has been shown to vary with the implanted C+ ions energy. Distribution of mechanical stresses in the subsurface Si layer afted O+ and C+ ions implantation and subsequent thermal annealing has been studied. The two-step implantation of O+ ions at the total dose 2*10 17cm-2 has been shown to result in the formation of an almost stoichiometric SiO2 layer.

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