Effect of deposition conditions on electron transitions in diamondlike carbon films


Institute for Single Crystals, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 60 Lenin Ave., 310001 Kharkiv, Ukraine

Received June 19, 1998

Diamondlike carbon films (DLF) were prepared by ion beam deposition of low-energy (30-300eV) carbon ions in a high vacuum (N 10-3 Pa) at a rate of 3-110 A/min. The sp-3 component content in the films exceeded 80 %. Structure and optical studies of films prepared at different deposition rates allowed to determine conditions for predominant formation of sp-3 hexagonal modification. These conditions are realized at the carbon condensation rates higher than 50 A/min, the other conditions being optimum for DLF formation with a high concentration of sp-3 hybridized carbon atoms.

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