Electromagnetic irradiation effect on different structure components of semiconducting copper-calcium-phosphate glass

V.I.Ezikov, D.V.Romanova

Kherson State Technical University, 24 Berislavskoe Chausse, 325008 Kherson, Ukraine

Received April 20, 1998, after revision November 28, 1998

Effect of UHF electromagnetic irradiation (1 GHz) on the formation process of copper-calcium-phosphate glasses has been studied using X-ray phase analysis, electron microscopy and EPR spectroscopy within the temperature range 400-1200 oC. The UHF irradiation initiates polymorphic transformations of calcium phosphates and favours the destruction of copper ions associates thus causing the amorphization of sintered products. Copper associates arising in the crystalline phase define the phosphate matrix geometry in the melt in their vicinity and thus the final glass structure.

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