Thermolysis effect on characteristics of stabilized zirconium dioxide coatings

R.W.Ganefeld, G.G.Strelkova

Scientific and Engineering Center of Carbon Energetic Technologies, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Ministry of Power Engineering of Ukraine, 19 Andreevskaya St., 04070 Kyiv, Ukraine

Received January 19, 2000

A possibility has been established to obtain gradient functional materials by sintering products of aqueous salt solution thermolysis. Gas-impermeable electrolyte layers of stabilized cubic zirconium dioxide have been produced by thermolysed particles onto metal and ceramic substrates. The thermolysis pre-history has been shown to provide phase and temperature uniformity of the deposited particles, short solid-phase synthesis duration (~1 ms) of stabilized cubic zirconium dioxide and sintering of materials in contact due to effective volume diffusion at the particle and substrate temperatures in the range of 1900-2100 K. The possibility to use the method in producing solid oxide electrolytes for fuel cells is discussed.

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