GaAs nanosize layers and superlattices obtained by pulse cooling of saturated solution-melt

A.V.Kalashnikov, I.E.Maronchuk, A.I.Maronchuk*, A.V.Shorokhov*

Kherson State Technical University, Physical Electronics Department, 24 Beryslavske shosse, 73008 Kherson, Ukraine *Institute for Semiconductor Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Department No.23, 78 Zavodska St., 73008 Kherson, Ukraine

Received December 23, 1998

Heat and mass transport processes and crystallization kinetics of nanosize epitaxial layers growth under pulse cooling of saturated solution-melt have been studied. Photoluminescence spectra of heterostructures so obtained containing a quantum well and of doped GaAs superlattices are associated with optical transitions within the quantum-dimension layer and in the case of superlattices, also with the recombination across a band gap which is indirect in the real space.

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