Journal "Functional Materials"

ISSN 1027-5495 (print)
ISSN 2218-2993 (online)

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Department of Physical and Technical Problems of Materials Science

Scientific and Technological Corporation “Institute for Single Crystals”

Multidisciplinary journal “Functional Materials” (“FM”) publishes original and review articles comprising results of theoretical and experimental studies, descriptions of preparation methods and practical application of inorganic and organic materials intended for various functional purposes.

The main attention is given to:

  • ways to creation of functional materials with preset properties (light-emitting materials, electro- and magneto-optical materials, semiconductors, ferroics, piezo- and pyroelectrics, superconductors, etc., its synthesis and design);
  • structure, phase transformations and properties of single crystals, ceramics, composites, amorphous solids, liquid crystals, polymers, thin films, low-dimensional systems (wiskers, superlattices, heterostructures, surface layers), nanostrucrures (quantum dots and wires, nanocrystals, and their ensembles) as applied to materials science problems;
  • modern methods of modeling, research and characterization of functional materials;
  • problems and methods of application of functional materials in modern technologies (nanotechnologies, optics, electronics, detection of ionized radiation, light emitting devices, sensors, information recording systems, etc.);
  • development of multifunction nanomaterials for the wide spectrum of biological and medical applications, research of their properties. 

“FM” was founded in 1993 by the Institute for Single Crystals (certificate of state registration: KB No 25) and issued quarterly, one volume per year.ndex

Language of Publication: English. Abctracts: English, Ukrainian, Russian.

Abstracted/Indexed in SCOPUS, SJR -0.18 (2018),Scopus (SNIP) - 0.429 (2010-2019); H=11;

Web of Science (from 2017), JIC Index - 0,323 (2017), Chemical Abstract Service, DOAJ, “VINITI” (Russian Federation), “Dzherelo” (Ukraine).

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 “FM” has been included in High Attestation (Certification) Commission of Ukraine list according to following science areas:

physics and mathematics, chemistry, technics.

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Scientific and Technological Corporation “Institute for Single Crystals”
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine 
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