"Functonal materials", Vol.5, No.4, 1998.

1998, V.5, No.4
Model of uniform stochastic fractal // Yu.P.Virchenko, A.Ya.Dulfan | Abstract 471
Collective mode spectrum and electrostatic potential screening in double-layer quantum Hall system // D.V.Fil | Abstract 475
On the state of activator in CsI(Na) crystals grown under forced mixing of the melt //A.N.Panova, E.L.Vinograd, V.I.Goriletsky, S.P.Korsunova, N.N.Kosinov, A.M.Kudin, K.V.Shakhova | Abstract 480
Formation of radiation-induced defects in CsI(TI) crystals containing BO- 2 ions // L.V.Kovaleva, L.N.Shpilinskaya, A.M.Kudin, A.I.Mitichkin, T.A.Charkina | Abstract 484
Structural changes in CsI-based single crystals pulled from melt on seed/V.I.Goriletsky | Abstract 490
Characteristics changes of unsealed NaI(Tl) detector under atmospheric moisture effect // S.I.Vasetsky, A.S.Gershun, V.Yu.Gres`, A.M.Kudin, T.A.Charkina, G.I.Yakhnis | Abstract 495
Automated pulling of large-diameter alkali-halide scintillation single crystals from melt and control of the activator distribution therein // B.G.Zaslavsky | Abstract 499
Effect of alkali halide crystal anisotropy on strength characteristics of scintillation detectors // B.V.Grinyov, I.K.Kirichenko, S.S.Nedorezov, V.V.Khadzhinova, Vilkov | Abstract 506
Thermodynamic aspects of carbon incorporation into ZnSe and CdSe crystals // V.K.Komar | Abstract 513
Anomalous physical properties of ZnSe crystals grown from the melt // V.K.Komar | Abstract 517
Stress relaxation in ruby in the course of premelting anneal // V.S.Konevsky, E.V.Krivonosov, L.A.Litvinov | Abstract 521
Electron properties and chemical bonds in new multicomponent solid solutions of Sc2CO-(TiN, ZrN, HfN) systems // A.L.Ivanovsky, O.Yu.Kontsevoy, A.N.Skazkin | Abstract 525
Luminescence properties of solid solutions based on ZnF2, MgF2, KMgF3 activated by Mn2+ ion // A.V.Shamshurin, N.P.Efryushina, E.R.Gubanova | Abstract 533
Electromagnetic irradiation effect on different structure components of semiconducting copper-calcium-phosphate glass// V.I.Ezikov, D.V.Romanova | Abstract 538
Effect of deposition conditions on electron transitions in diamondlike carbon films// V.M.Puzikov | Abstract 542
Specific features of structure transformations in high-disperse SnO2 thin films// V.O.Novikov | Abstract 546
Study of subsurface Si layers with a latent SiO2 layer// V.V.Artamonov, M.Ya.Valakh, N.I.Klyui, V.P.Melnik, B.N.Romanyuk, V.G.Popov, V.A.Yukhimchuk | Abstract 551
Evolution of recombination parameters of "solar" monocrystalline silicon due to thermal and getting treatments // B.N.Romanyuk, V.G.Popov, V.G.Litovchenko, N.I.Klyui, A.B.Romanyuk, V.I.Gorbulik, D.N.Moskal, S.G.Volkov | Abstract 555
Peritectic decomposition of barium-yttrium cuprate YBa2Cu3Ox // V.V.Prisedsky, E.I.Volkova, I.A.Udodov | Abstract 561
Kinetics of intercalation // V.Koshkin, N.Tkachenko, O.Yurchenko, Yu.Dolzhenko, V.Glushko | Abstract 566
On interrelation between acoustic processes in a friction unit and material characteristics of the tribojoint surface // A.I.Bereznyakov | Abstract 572
Physico-chemical properties of conducting polymers based on thiophene and carbazole derivatives and their usage in light energy conversion processes // V.Pokhodenko, N.Guba, S.Sankov | Abstract 577
Single-ion conductors based on the novel polyurethanes // V.V.Shilov, V.V.Shevchenko, P.Pissis, A.Kyritsis, Yu.P.Gomza, S.D.Nesin, N.S.Klimenko | Abstract 580
Electrochemical, catalytic and adsorption properties of synthetic carbon adsorbents with immobilized transition metal ions// Yu.V.Basova | Abstract 586
Quantum chemical simulation of the bromine electrophilic addition to acenaphthylene // V.V.Veduta, L.D.Patsenker, V.F.Anikin | Abstract 591
Decrease of screening critical current compared to volume one due to boundary conditions influence on the ordering parameter in ceramic BiPbSrCaCuO HTSC samples// A.A.Kozlovsky, V.P.Seminozhenko, V.F.Khirny | | Abstract 598
Effect of ultrasound treatment of silicon IMPATT diodes on reverse branches of their I-V curves// M.B.Tagaev | Abstract 601
Effect of thermal pretreatment conditions on the stabilization of paramagnetic oxygen in Al2O3 structure //S.N.Bondarenko | Abstract 604
Electron structure and atomic interactions in Ti3InC // A.L.Ivanovsky, N.I.Medvedeva, A.I.Skazkin | Abstract 607
Phase states in hydrated phospholipids studied by near-IR spectroscopy// V.D.Panikarskaya, L.N.Lisetski | Abstract 610
Classification of heavy-duty ionizing radiation detectors by technologic and design features // V.I.Melnik | Abstract 613

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