"Functonal materials", Vol.7, No.2, 2000.

Formation of holographic gratings in light-sensitive films on ZnS crystalline substrates // L.A. Ageev, V.K. Miloslavsky, E.I. Larionova | Abstract 193
Effect of the synthesis medium on mechanical characteristics of corundum crystals // E.V.Krivonosov, V.S.Konevsky | Abstract 199
Luminescence of ZnSe(Te) crystals melt grown from the charge enriched in super-stoichiometric components // V.D.Ryzhikov, N.G.Starzhinskiy, L.P.Gal'chinetskii, S.N.Galkin, V.I.Silin | Abstract 204
Kinetics of defect formation and defect structure in copper-doped CdI2 crystals // S.A.Pyroha, S.Metry, I.D.Olekseyuk, I.V.Kityk | Abstract 209
Gas bubble behaviour near the crystallization front // O.D.Kolotiy | Abstract 216
Thermo- and X-ray-stimulated electrical processes in CdI2 crystals // B.M.Kostyuk, A.B.Lyskovich, I.M.Matviishyn, S.S.Novosad | Abstract 220
Photoreceivers with Schottky barrier based on doped ZnSe crystals for UV radiation parameters metering devices // A.A.Avdeenko, L.P.Gal'chinetskii, G.Leo, V.P.Makhniy, Yo.Popowski, V.D.Ryzhikov, N.G.Starzhinskiy | Abstract 224
Quantitative model for forecasting changes in electric properties of direct gap semiconductors // G.P.Kovtun, A.I.Kondrik, A.A.Yatsenko | Abstract 228
Relaxation spectrum of ordering carbon-containing alloys Fe-(25-31) % (at.) Al // N.Ya.Rokhmanov | Abstract 235
Internal friction of high-temperature superconductor YBa2Cu3O7-delta in normal and superconducting state // V.M.Arzhavitin, V.A.Finkel | Abstract 240
Some peculiarities of electrophysical characteristics of Si-YBa2Cu3O7 contacts: a possible energy structure of metal oxide ceramics // V.S.Nevolin, V.A.Skryshevsky | Abstract 246
Research of electric conductivity of Si-GdBaCuO film structures // V.S.Nevolin, P.P.Shevchuk | Abstract 251
Thermal expansion and oxygen vacancy rearrangement processes in YBa2Cu3O7-x within 350-750 K temperature range // K.V.Bednov, A.A.Mamalui, N.B.Fatyanova, I.N.Sablin | Abstract 256
Structure and technology problems of A2B6 semiconductor films // P.A.Panchekha | Abstract 261
The In flux density effect on the structure and properties of Cu-In-Se thin films obtained by low-energy ion-molecular beam technique // V.Gnidash, B.Boyko, V.Kopach, G.Khripunov | Abstract 266
Study of photoelectric processes in film heterosystems based on polycrystalline Cu-In-Se layers // B.T.Boyko, G.S.Khrypunov, V.R.Kopach, G.V.Yurchenko | Abstract 271
Structure of C60/Bi crystalline films // V.A.Dudkin, A.S.Vus, E.N.Zubarev, V.E.Pukha, O.M.Vovk | Abstract 275
Thermolysis effect on characteristics of stabilized zirconium dioxide coatings // R.W.Ganefeld, G.G.Strelkova | Abstract 279
Exact account for the absorption non-linearity in problems of surface laser treatment // A.D.Suprun, L.V.Shmeleva | Abstract 285
GaAs nanosize layers and superlattices obtained by pulse cooling of saturated solution-melt // A.V.Kalashnikov, I.E.Maronchuk, A.I.Maronchuk, A.V.Shorokhov | Abstract 291
Deposition of pyrolytic chromium-carbide coatings on pressing tools // S.A.Krokhmal', T.N.Zueva | Abstract 297
Simple estimations of the molecule-surface dispersion interaction: application to C60 fullerene // A.V.Luzanov | Abstract 301
The use of triode sputtering scheme for preparation of refractory metal carbide coatings // O.V.Sobol, E.A.Sobol, A.A.Podtelezhnikov, S.T.Roshchenko | Abstract 305
X-ray fluorescent analysis of multi-component system compositions // M.V.Reshetnyak, I.F.Mikhaylov | Abstract 311
Simple substances refining: efficiency of distillation methods // A.I.Kravchenko | Abstract 315
Ceramic humidity sensitive elements with intelligent tester of informative parameters // I.B.Vynnik, B.V.Dunets, A.P.Kovalsky | Abstract 319
Spectroscopic properties and proton accepting ability of N-alkyl derivatives of dibenzylidenecyclopentanone, prospective fluorescent probes for cell membrane investigation // A.O.Doroshenko, A.V.Grigorovich, E.A.Posokhov, V.G.Pivovarenko, A.P.Demchenko | Abstract 323
Short communications
Pb(ZrxTi1-x)O3 ferroelectric films deposited on LaAlO3 substrates and measurements of their dielectric constant // I.N.Chukanova, Yu.G.Makeev, A.P.Motornenko, Zh.I.Klitsova, T.S.Teplitskaya | Abstract 330
Study of surface corrosion resistance of corundum single crystals using layer-by-layer etching // V.G.Potapova, T.V.Druzenko, L.A.Litvinov, A.B.Blank | Abstract 333
Radiation stimulated effects in LaB3O6 single crystals: pure and doped by Ce3+ // V.N.Baumer, B.V.Grinyov, E.F.Dolzhenkova, M.F.Dubovik, T.I.Korshikova, A.V.Tolmachev, A.N.Shekhovtsov | Abstract 336
Reproducible production of gas-sensitive SnO2 films using magnetron sputtering // V.A.Novikov | Abstract 338
Study of current transport features in low-doped polycrystalline silicon films // F.D.Kasimov, M.G.Abbasov, F.G.Agaev, M.R.Ragimov | Abstract 341
Electrical conductivity of BaB2O4 single crystals // V.T.Adamiv, Ya.V.Burak, I.V.Garapyn, I.M.Teslyuk | Abstract 344
Luminescent properties of thin Bi2WO6 films // O.M.Bordun, A.T.Stetskiv | Abstract 347
Electrodeposition of rhenium coatings // N.D.Ivanova, S.V.Ivanov, E.I.Boldyrev | Abstract 350
Complex chalcogenides as prospective materials for optical coatings // V.F.Zinchenko | Abstract 353
Method for selectivity improvement of acousto-electronic gas sensors provided with film elements // Ya.I.Lepikh | Abstract 356
Influence of external factors on semiconductor-photoemulsion interaction effect // V.L.Tereshchenko | Abstract 358
Porous beryllium materials made from sprayed powders // A.V.Babun | Abstract 361
Superconductivity in 21th century // V.A.Finkel | Abstract 364
Vladimir P.Seminozhenko, Member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Editor-in-Chief of Functional Materials (to 50th Anniversary) | Abstract 368
Cтраницы истории Харьковского Университета.
Академик Андрей Иванович Киприанов // Б.М.Красовицкий
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